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Electric Light & Power reports that Siemens Corp. is teaming up with PNNL as well as Oak Ridge National Lab and National Renewable Energy Lab to test new technologies to bolster electricity supply, options and resiliency. 1.25.19 

F3 News reports on the study of decompression sickness in fish by PNNL's Brett Pflugrath, and efforts to mitigate it. PNNL's Sensor Fish is helping the study. 12.13.18 reports on France Energies Marines joining Annex IV, an organization that examines the environmental effects of marine energy devices. PNNL is implemented by PNNL using the Tethys platform. 12.13.18 

Power Technology quotes PNNL's Andrea Copping from a report on the lack of research as a disadvantage for tidal energy. 10.26.18 

The Sequim Gazette discusses Sequim Marine Sciences Laboratory role in upcoming research for aquatic animals' safety around turbines. This research is part of the PNNL-University of Alaska Fairbanks five-year agreement. 7.18.18 

The Tri-City Herald published a column by PNNL Director Steve Ashby discussing PNNL's collaborative agreement with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and research PNNL is doing in Alaska. 6.15.18 

Ocean News & Technology reports on the collaborative agreement inked by PNNL and University of Alaska Fairbanks.  6.6.18 

Energy Central summarizes PNNL's collaborative agreement with University of Alaska Fairbanks for hydropower, marine energy research.  6.4.18  

International Water Power and Dam Construction reports on the deal between PNNL and the University of Alaska Fairbanks to advance hydropower research. 6.1.18  

Subsea News World reports on the new collaborative agreement between PNNL and University of Alaska Fairbanks to advance hydropower generation, marine renewable energy, and underwater technology development. 5.31.18     

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