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Advanced Sensor Technologies

Advanced Sensor Technologies

Scientists and regulators are looking for solutions and technologies uniquely suited to answer real-world MHK regulatory questions. Beyond developing new instruments or tools, developers must test these tools for accuracy and usability.

The Triton Initiative provides industry, university, and national laboratory partners with access to PNNL's Marine Sciences Laboratory (MSL). At MSL, Triton partners can develop, deploy, and test the next generation of marine environmental sensor technologies. Triton provides an opportunity to integrate tools with data acquisition systems and test sensor packages and platforms in a controlled field environment. Partners also have access to PNNL's extensive expertise developing sensor technologies that characterize marine and freshwater environments for applied energy, environmental management, and national security applications.

This combination of world-class facilities, technical expertise, and operational support creates a unique collaborative venue where Triton partners can address MHK environmental challenges. This rapidly accelerates the design process while building strong connections between laboratory, industry, and university partners.

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